We Support the Initiators

All progress is the result of efforts made by special people and the support they receive on their way. They are special exactly because of their commitment and courage to take a step into the unknown and explore without the fear of failure. These people are open, curious and daring. Drawing inspiration from their environment, they ceaselessly inspire themselves, change things in their environment, stir and encourage others.

They are the Initiators.

Our primary role is to arouse curiosity in young people and recognize in them the desire to raise new issues, step outside the set boundaries and create something new. We try to reach them while they sit in their school benches, and encourage them to imagine themselves as scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs so they can be proactive when they are older and strive toward the achievement of their personal goals.

Telekom Srbija supports the initiators.

All the initiators – regardless of their age, the industry they are in, or what they will achieve. All the initiators inspire themselves and other people to be better, courageous and willing to try because this is the only way they can succeed.

We Support the Initiators is Telekom Srbija’s program which empowers the institutions and individuals to initiate positive changes in their environment and encourage others to follow this path. Through the individual projects “We Create Knowledge”, “The Mts App Competition”, and “The Mts Startup Acceleration”, the company invests in the initiators of new and positive social changes because we believe that stable support at the very beginning can make it easier for them to attain new knowledge and is crucial for their further development.

Every year we equip 20 schools in Serbia with information classrooms. You can vote for schools which will receive new computers at „We Create Knowledge“.

If you are a high school student and you know how to program, you can apply for the „mts app competition“.

If you have a good team and you have an idea how to develop a technological innovation, you can apply for the „mts startap ubrzanje“.

Do you think you can initiate something in your environment for the benefit of all in your community? Send us your idea.

Be an initiator!