Mts App Competition

The Mts App Competition was launched in 2011 with an aim to encourage creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and cooperation among students in the creation of applications for mobile devices. As a project which at the beginning was called the Mts Android Competition and related only to the Mathematical High School in Belgrade, the competition over time extended to include a large number of high schools in Serbia and it now offers students the possibility to create applications for both the Android™ and iOS platforms.

Participants in the mts app competition are high school students from Senta, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Valjevo, Kragujevac, Niš, Kraljevo, Sremska Mitrovica, Šabac, Požega and Jagodina who study according to the program for talents in the sphere of mathematics and information and computer science. From 2017 the competition has also been organized in mtel in Bosnia and Herzegovina and mtel in Montenegro according to the same rules. In this way, the best applications from all three countries have the opportunity to participate in the Regional App Challenge. The winners of the mts app competition will get the latest models of mobile phones, while the winners of the Regional App Challenge will have the chance to visit one of the prestigious conferences in the sphere of information technologies. The prizes in the category for innovativeness “Power of Innovation – Igor Osmokrović” are a surprise and cannot be revealed beforehand.

As an example of good practice in cooperation with youth, the mts app competition project has been included in the selection of the prestigious European CSR organization CSR Europe. Since mobile applications have become an inevitable part of modern communication, the competition contributes to the development of the mts brand and services.

Application for the next mts app competition

If you are interested in applications and if you like programming, have a good idea and want to compete with your peers, create a team, apply and take part in the new mts app competition which will be held in autumn.

Winning applications

  • „Solve&Share“ - LeVeL team, Bora Stanković High School, Niš
  • „Eduno“ - Prvaci team, Bora Stanković High School, Niš
  • „ConTags“- TagYa team, Bolyai High School, Senta
  • „Stories“ - student Luka Jovičić, Mathematical High School, Belgrade
  • „Gde je problem?“ - Šabaton team, Šabac High School
  • „WalkieTalkie“ - Nevermore team, Computing High School, Belgrade
  • „MiCross“ - 2school4cool team, Svetozar Marković High School, Niš
  • „EcoEarth“ - Filsoft&VukIT team, Mathematical High School, Belgrade
  • „Starena“ - Firepig team, Mathematical High School, Belgrade
  • „Gone Horribly Wrong“ - Game Generator team, Mathematical High School, Belgrade
  • „WizzWars“- Abstract Algorithm team, Mathematical High School, Belgrade

Other applications from the mts app competition and the Regional App Challenge can be found at the Google Play shop.