No species dies alone

Telekom Srbija knows that we are all closely connected and that every biological species is irreplaceable in the network of life, without which a sustainable future of the planet and people cannot be imagined. We have to take care of each other because it is only by a joint effort that we can survive.

Birds are the best indicator of quality of the environment. Their diversity and number clearly reflect the conditions of the habitat where they live, and where we live too! Birds contribute to the quality of air, water, food and thus people’s health, and many of them prevent the spread of possible diseases.

This is why we have for many years supported the associations and experts who, through active protection and the use of contemporary mobile communications technology in the monitoring of endangered bird species, work on improving the living conditions for them, and for all of us.

The “faces” of our campaign – the griffon vulture, the European roller, the short-toed eagle and the owl – are strictly protected and endangered bird species to whose active protection we contribute through cooperation with the Foundation for the Protection of Birds of Prey, the Citizen’s Association Jadovnik – An Oasis of Pristine Nature, the Geom Naturalist Society and the Riparia Association of Environmentalists.

After the said associations addressed the company for support, these four species of birds were chosen as symbols of protection of other rare and endangered species. Besides direct support to protection programs, the aim of the company is to influence the public by clearly showing how important a healthy environment and preserved biodiversity are for every individual and society as a whole. The idea of the company is to call on all elements of society to work together towards the same goals – the survival of the endangered species and the preservation of our natural heritage.

Join us and take care of the birds and other living beings just like you take care of yourself. Because if birds disappear – we will disappear too.

Let’s take care of the most important of all networks. The network of life.

No species dies alone.