Organizer of activities for young basketball players

At the outset of the new school year, the Marina Maljković Women’s Basketball Movement rallied the enrolees of free basketball school to present the Organizer – Activity Planner whose publication was made possible by Telekom Srbija.

Presenting the Organizer, Marina Maljković recalled that the Guide for Growing Up, which was printed last year in cooperation with Telekom Srbija, had been a great success and had elicited a response from all girls and their parents, friends and people from the environment. “Advice and motivational messages are necessary and should support and encourage young basketball players as they grow up. This time we integrated the advice into the Organizer because we believe that the organization of time and commitments is something that every girl should learn in order to develop in the best possible manner. I am confident that this will mean a lot to them”, said Marina Maljković.

The Organizer is created in the manner that makes it possible for the user to follow the timetable of primary school pupils and helps the basketball players to better plan their workday, with many good pieces of advice and recommendations as to how to overcome challenges in both sports and life.

On behalf of Telekom Srbija, young basketball players were welcomed by Miroslava Tešin Popović, a CSR manager of Telekom Srbija: “Telekom Srbija supports the Movement and follows its development from its beginnings. Last year, we supported the publication of the Guide for Growing Up, and now it is the Organizer that we support. In the spirit of our drive We Support the Initiators, we see these girls as initiators in the basketball court and we are confident that the Organizer will help them to successfully plan their commitments in the field and at school.

Owing to cooperation with Telekom Srbija, the Women’s Basketball Movement has organized free basketball classes for girls of primary school age since 2015. To date, the Movement has trained 1,380 girls and free training courses are held at multiple locations in Belgrade and several other towns in Serbia.