Winners of 7th Regional App Challenge visit conference in Barcelona

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Telekom Srbija and member-companies of Telekom Srbija Group, m:tel BiH and m:tel Crna Gora, organized a visit to the OFFF conference in Barcelona for gifted pupils of the region, creators of the best applications for mobile devices at the 7th Regional App Challenge.

Pupils of the Grammar School in Sremska Mitrovica and their teacher, as the winners from Serbia, attended the international conference which represents a veritable festival of creativity and design in the region of digital and visual arts. The conference intended for both beginners and seasoned professionals, offered our young talents a valuable opportunity to hear personal stories about the success of accomplished designers and pointed to the need of creating a personal signature in shaping digital content.

“Lectures and presentations at the conference were very interesting and inspiring and encouraged us to consider some new future projects. We familiarized ourselves with the experience and method of work on projects by major designer companies, and we also had plenty of free time to tour Barcelona and experience things that we will cherish for a long time“, said a member of the Sylent team of the Mitrovica Grammar School.

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Computer science teacher Nada Mišković, who is the mentor of the winning team, positively assessed the mts app competition project and the Regional App Challenge, given that a win at both competition levels leads to the main award and a visit to the conference in Barcelona.
“This competition is a great idea and materialization of one such project makes it possible for young people to present their ideas, expertise and efforts in a unique manner. Besides the great honour of winning one such demanding competition, the award itself is magnificent. The OFFF conference encourages primarily young people to present their ideas in a brand new fashion. It is a combination of youth, energy, creativity which, through education and motivational presentation, encourages young people to present their ideas to the world”, said teacher Mišković.
The Sylent team whose winning application BeQuiet automatically turns off the ringing tone in places where it is not to be heard, was presented with an opportunity not only to expand their knowledge and tour the city, but also to socialize with the winning teams of B-H and Montenegro.

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