Awards for talented high school students and best applications

Winners of 13th mts app competition selected


At the presentation of mobile applications on the occasion of the 13th mts app competition, organized by Telekoma Srbija ,the best creative solutions were selected and the teams of students who created them were awarded. High school students from high schools working according to the program for talents in the sphere of mathematics, information science and computing, have been working on programming applications for mobile handsets over the past few months, and the applications “Healthy City” by the Health Carers team consisting of representatives of the “Boljai” High School from Senta, “No.1 Ecologyst” by the New Horizon team of the Palanačka High School from Smederevska Palanka, the “Bquiet” application by the Sylent team from the Sremska Mitrovica High School, the “Aj na kafu” application, by the MinDevelopment team by the “Bora Stanković” High School from Niš, as well as the “Party Up” by the Tickle Pickle team from the same Niš high school , were selected as the best applications by an expert jury.

Students, as well as their mentors, were rewarded by valuable mobile handsets and will have the chance to participate in the Regional App Challenge at the beginning of March, as the next level of competition, where they will compete with their peers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro for the main award and a special award for innovativeness.

“The Telekom Srbija Company has been recording success for years moving the boundaries in the sphere of digital technologies and we are very proud that we see so many young talents interested in this sphere. The expert jury had the chance to see the presentations of very interesting applications which are the result of efforts and team work of talented students. Once again it turned out that we have a generation ready to seriously respond to the requirements of the competition, by investing knowledge, innovativeness and creativity into applications that have practical application and represent a finished product. I believe that participation in this competition will be a valuable experience for them that will encourage them to undertake new endeavours”, said Marija Bošković, the head of the PR Department of Telekom Srbija.

The jury made its decision based on the criteria related to the functionality of the application, complexity of the solution, design, and especially having in mind its contribution to enhancing the use of mobile handsets, as well as the socially responsible purpose of the application.

“We invested a lot of efforts, we worked in the program that we learned ourselves, practically from scratch. Now when I see that this work has paid off, I have a feeling that it was worth the struggle and the hard work because this is how you achieve good results. This is our first joint application, and the three of us made a real team, although we did not know each other before this – the project brought us closer, because we were developing with it”, said Andrej Filko, one of the members of the winning team Sylent from Sremska Mitrovica.

The competition is organized by members of the Telekom Srbija Group, m:tel BiH and m:tel Crna Gora according to the same rules, and in the forthcoming regional finals the winners of the main award are to visit a conference in Barcelona that brings innovativeness in the sphere of creativity, visual and digital arts.

The mts app project is part of the umbrella program “We Encourage the Initiators” designed by Telekom Srbija in order to encourage young people to by their knowledge bring positive changes to their environment and encourage others to do good.
Telekom Srbija proudly emphasizes the mts app competition project, within which 213 teams have so far presented 220 applications. The project is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education, while the competition was entered into the selection of the prestigious European organization CSR Europe.

Descriptions of the best applications at the 13th mts app competition:

HealthyCity – Health Carers team, High School with a student home for talented students ”Boljai”, Senta

“HealthyCity” is an innovative application that uses GPS technology in order to allow an urgent call for medical assistance within the range of 5km. Through the training of citizens and the engagement of volunteer doctors, the application enables a quick reaction and group assistance, which reduces the time from the occurrence of an emergency to the provision of professional medical assistance. The platform makes it possible to relieve the limited resources of emergency services, which leads to a more efficient response of the health system in critical situations.

No. 1 Ecologyst–New Horizon team, Palanačka High School, Smederevska Palanka

The “No. 1 Ecologyst” application is an interesting game raising awareness about the protection of the environment. The main protagonist fights against pollution and the so-called enemies of nature, by collecting waste and cleaning the environment. In the two parts of the video game, through the game and ecology quizzes, the users can learn more about preservation of nature. This application combines fun and education in order to promote the importance of ecological awareness.

Bquiet – Sylent team, Mitrovačka High School, Sremska Mitrovica

The “Bquiet” application was originally created as an idea to control the ringing of the phone at school. Simply put, this means that students often forget to turn off the phone ringer when entering school. We have witnessed that in many institutions or places where the ringing of the phone is not only undesirable, but also considered indecent (churches, theatres and the like), it would be desirable to use the advantages of this application.

Aj na kafu –MinDevelopment team, Bora Stanković High School, Niš

“AjNaKafu” is an innovative mobile application for IOS and Android which in a revolutionary way transforms the manner in which people connect and socialize. This platform makes it possible for users to register, add friends and communicate via simple and intuitive user interface.

Party Up –Tickle Pickle team, Bora Stanković High School, Niš

“PartyUp” is an application that helps you organize your celebration without any problems! Whether you are organizing a celebration or offering space, photography or other services, you will find everything you need here. Pleasant user interface and numerous options will turn stressful organization into pleasure and enjoyment.


At the presentation of mobile applications on the occasion of the 13th mts app competition, organized by