We support the initiators: Zoja Kukić, Startit

If you believe in yourself and your idea, if you are persistent and do not give up, and you want to create a better present and design an even better future together with us, get started! Be an initiator!

At eight Startit centers throughout Serbia, you will learn how to develop a business idea, start your own business and network with young people who share the same challenges. At Startit, you have the opportunity to become educated and informed about all the real things and ways how to achieve success. At Startit, they will know how to teach you to use technology so that it works for you. You will also acquire the skills to present your idea and persuade the investor to invest in your product.

At Startit centers you will learn how to be your own boss and acquire all the skills that allow you to have a well-paid job in Serbia.

Telekom Srbija and Startit share a common vision – to, until 2020, train 100,000 IT experts who will develop their business solutions in the country, through various programs in Serbia.

Zoja Kukić, a co-founder of Startit and one of the initiators of Telekom Srbija explains in what way Startit functions and how it keeps young people from leaving Serbia.