Telekom Srbija supports young artists

At the final exhibition of students of the Academy of Fine Arts, awards were traditionally granted to students for the best achievements in the past school year along with the award of Telekom Srbija for the best work in the New Media Department.

The dean of the Academy of Fine Arts, Dimitrije Pecić, handed the awards to students of all departments in the different categories, while Marija Bošković, the director of the PR Department of the Telekom Srbija company, granted a recognition to freshman student Pavle Banović for the best work in the New Media Department entitled “Don't Laugh at Me”.

Apart from the pecuniary award for the best student work, the Telekom Srbija company donated funds for the procurement of valuable technical and multimedia equipment at the New Media Department for a second year in a row. In this way, additional tools for work in the sphere of photography, video and new media disciplines were provided for the students.

“Telekom Srbija as a donor has proved that there are institutions in our country which believe that investment in culture and education is important and that young people should be allowed good conditions for work and a possibility to express their talent. The equipment that Telekom Srbija has donated to the recently formed New Media Department and the award that has been granted for a second time this year to a student of this department, is great support to the work of the Academy of Fine Arts as a whole and an example that a lot of companies in Serbia could follow”, said Dimitrije Pecić, the dean of the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

The director of Telekom Srbija's PR Department, Marija Bošković, said that cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts was part of a wider program called “We Support the Initiators”, by which the company wanted to encourage talented individuals to, by their work, efforts and an innovative approach, reach their potential and thus contribute to creating a better and more successful society.

“Wishing to support as many initiators as possible and allow them to express their creativity in the spheres in which they are most successful, we believe that this award will be an additional encouragement to this year's winner to make further progress and develop his original artistic ideas”, said Marija Bošković.

“I am very grateful for this award. Apart from the financial support, which I will use to improve my further work, it is great support to me personally. It is a sign that I am doing something good, and that I am on the right track. I think it is good that students of the first year, who are just beginning their academic schooling, have the chance to win this award, because it is a great encouragement for their further work”, said the award-winning student Pavle Banović.

The award was granted to Pavle Banović by the decision of an expert jury consisting of: Hu Yun, a famous Chinese artist who is currently living and working in Belgrade, Jasmina Čubrilo, an assistant professor at the Department of Art History of the Philosophical Faculty in Belgrade and Milica Pekić, an art historian and curator from Belgrade.

An exhibition of the awarded works of students of the Academy of Fine Arts will be open until 14 July 2018 at the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts and an annex to the gallery.