Meet initiators of Telekoma Srbija: Cactomain start-up

We take many things for granted, even in such dynamic and innovative fields as IT, but actually, there is always room for improvement – this is the gist of the story of Đorđe Vanjek, the co-founder of the start-up Cactomain – a web platform for easier registration and management of Internet domains.

Working together with Nikola Ristić on other IT projects, they reached a conclusion that in the process of registration of domains, there is plenty of room for improvement, from user experience to transparent charging of services. They believed it was precisely they that could solve those problems and so they launched a special platform that would provide the experience of simple and fast opening of Internet domains with no additional hidden costs.

Cactomain is one of the winners of the first mts start-up acceleration programme whereby Telekom Srbija endeavours to support the initiators of the innovative business solutions in this country.

Now three years after the launch of the start-up, Cactomain has a base of satisfied users and partners of France with whom its cooperates in furthering the platform and expanding to other markets and other user niches.

Đorđe has a message for future initiators - they should always have faith in the idea that inspires them and be persistent in creating and launching a successful product that others would like to use.