No Species Dies Alone Project receives special recognition from Serbian Chamber of Commerce


 At a ceremony marking the presentation of the Đorđe Weifert National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for 2022, organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Telekom Srbija was presented with a special award for its contribution to the preservation of biological diversity and for its outstanding commitment to social responsibility, for its project No Species Dies Alone. Danijela Simeunović, head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Service, received the award on behalf of the Company.

In the decade globally labelled as a decade of the preservation of biodiversity, Telekom Srbija launched in 2021 a long-term project entitled No Species Dies Alone to point to the importance of protecting biological diversity as one of the key conditions for the preservation of ecological balance. The project resulted from Telekom Srbija’s long-standing support for associations and experts engaged in the promotion of living conditions for both them and all of us by implementing active protection measures and state-of-the-art mobile telecommunications technologies in monitoring endangered species.

The Company’s support for the protection programme for key species which the functioning of the entire eco-system depends on, is offered at three levels. The first level implies financial support for the purchase of special equipment and conduct of field activities by experts. The second level implies the education of the public as to the importance of the preservation of biological diversity as the basis for a healthy environment. The third form of support where Telekom Srbija’s made its major contribution refers to the Company’s strong mobile network which is backing science in the protection of endangered species, thus making it possible to apply cutting-edge technologies in their monitoring even in the remotest of parts in Serbia.

The results of the project include the preservation of endangered species, with the inclusion of an increasingly large number of expert organizations and individuals that, through concerted activities, may contribute to curbing or reversing the vanishing of species.

Members of the verification team of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce recognized the results of the project and measures applied towards the protection of species and assessed that the project No Species Dies Alone deserved that special recognition for its contribution to the preservation of biological diversity. Other than assessing the project itself, the team also took into account the Company’s overall business activities, with special emphasis on its contribution to the community and its attitude towards employees, customers and the environment.

In the past cycles of the competition for the Đorđe Weifert National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which has been presented since 2007, Telekom Srbija was rewarded for its projects entitled The Digitalization of the Monastery of Chilandari, Do Something and We Initiate the Initiators, whereas in 2015, it received the main prize, National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, for the project Park your Phone when Driving.