Tajne vinove loze (The Secrets of Vine) selected as most viewed series

More than one half of the nominated series at the Fedis Festival are produced by Telekom Srbija

Belgrade, 11 October 2021 – At the eleventh international drama and series festival – FEDIS, which rallies the most important actors and authors of national and regional drama programmes and series, and other culture figures – the series entitled The Secrets of Vine has won a prestigious award as the most viewed series. The series was produced by Telekom Srbija and MetRo Productions, and the award was received by the executive producer and creator of the series, Dejan Karaklajić, and Jasmina Lakobrija of Telekom Srbija.

“We are very proud of our productions so far and this award. A large number of the nominated series produced by us testify to the fact that we are on the right track and that viewers have recognized quality. This award comes as an encouragement for us to continue to move the boundaries and produce an even better content”, said Jasmina Lakobrija, head of the Production Section of Telekom Srbija.

The award for the most viewed series is not the only prize won by The Secrets of Vine series at this year's festival - composer Zoran Simjanović was posthumously rewarded for the soundtrack.

Dejan Karaklajić, the producer and creator of the series, commented on the prestigious award and said: “The Secrets of Vine achieved what we, the authors, had aspired to. We managed to make an interesting series dealing with agriculture and winegrowing. The preliminary script penned by Mirjana Bobić, our working with a team of writers including, in the second half-season as well, Iva Mitrović and Marko Popović, and the creative producer, Marko Manojlović, and a great acting team with Sloboda Mićalović and Vojin Ćetković as the most noted figures, contributed to the great popularity of this production. We are happy to be filming the sequel, that is, part two of the first season with 36 episodes“.

The quality of the work of the Telekom Srbija production team is attested to by the fact that out of the 12 domestic series competing for the Golden Antenna, more than one half of those nominated are produced by Telekom Srbija. Apart from the award presented to the Secrets of Vine, the best costume and best director awards were presented to Jelena Stolica and the series entitled 12 reči (12 Words).