Telekom Srbija and Serbian Interior Ministry Sign Cooperation Agreement

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović, PhD, and Telekom Srbija CEO Predrag Ćulibrk signed a Protocol on Cooperation based on which all employees in the Ministry would be able to use the services of this Company under more favorable terms.

“The Protocol will allow employees in the Interior Ministry to enjoy benefits related to mobile telephony, Internet and the use of other services of Telekom Srbija. This Company has approved, among other things, a special benefit for all members of the Interior Ministry, who will, in the next six months, receive a bonus of 1,000 dinars per month through their prepaid cards“, said Stefanović.

The minister explained that every member of the Ministry would in this way receive 6,000 dinars from Telekom Srbija through their prepaid cards, over the next six months.

“This is certainly significant for the budget of members of the Serbian Interior Ministry and their families, but it is also a sign of trust and good cooperation between the Interior Ministry and the renowned local company Telekom Srbija. Our good cooperation in the previous period is reflected in 18 various projects and contracts related to the development of mobile and fixed telephony, Internet and internal communications within the Ministry”, said Stefanović, who thanked the CEO and employees in Telekom Srbija.

Recalling last week’s conference on high technology crime organized in Belgrade by the Serbian Interior Ministry, Stefanović said that the Ministry, together with local companies, worked on information security and data protection, and making cyber security in Serbia as good as possible by developing the digital network and new types of communication.

“The Serbian Interior Ministry thinks every day about new, advanced technologies we can use. We want to rely on the knowhow from our sector, which deals with high technology and information science, and also cooperate with local state-owned companies whose work is directed at making Serbia a more secure country”, said Stefanović.

The CEO of Telekom Srbija, Predrag Ćulibrk, said that the Company and the Serbian Interior Ministry had fostered high quality and professional cooperation for a number of years.

“This is confirmed by the fact that the Serbian Interior Ministry is the largest user of our services both according to revenues and the total number of services that it uses. I would like to thank primarily Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Stefanović, and all the employees in the Serbian Interior Ministry for being the kind of customers who regularly settle their obligations towards Telekom Srbija”, said Ćulibrk.

Mr. Ćulibrk added that Telekom Srbija tried to reward the trust that the Ministry had placed in the Company, by quality and efficiency in establishing and maintaining the services.

“We want to raise the exceptionally good cooperation that we have to a yet higher level. We have recognized a mutual interest which resulted in the Protocol on Cooperation that we signed today”, said Ćulibrk.

He explained that the Protocol defined the benefits that the employees in the Serbian Interior Ministry would receive as compared with the current campaigns that Telekom Srbija was offering to its customers.

“These benefits primarily referred to bonus subscription fees in the amount of one dinar for various services, which our company offers. The number of bonus subscription fees varies from one to three, depending on the type of service that an employee wants from Telekom Srbija, and the current use of our services”, said Ćulibrk.

He added that the Protocol included special advantages which referred to prepaid services.

“I hope that employees in the Serbian Interior Ministry will recognize the advantages that they can enjoy thanks to this Protocol. The idea is to allow them to make additional savings in their family budget, and at the same time receive top quality services”, said Ćulibrk.