MTEL begins to provide services in North Macedonia

The newly-formed telecommunications operator in North Macedonia, MTEL, a member of Telekom Srbija Group, has marked the beginning of its service provision in that country at a ceremony of opening the first store situated in Makedonia Street in downtown Skopje. On that occasion, the door of the first point of sale of MTEL in North Macedonia was opened by Telekom Srbija CEO Vladimir Lučić and CEO of MTEL Marko Lopičić.

“Our company already provides its services to more than 11 million customers in this region and Europe. North Macedonia is very progressive in the sphere of telecommunications and we consider our entry into this market a challenge in which we shall invest our experience and expertise acquired through our business operations in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. The market is competitive, but also well-regulated, which we assured ourselves of during the opening process the laying of the foundations of our company in North Macedonia”, said Telekom Srbija CEO Vladimir Lučić.

As a company for which customer satisfaction is the first priority, in each country where it conducts business, Telekom Srbija Group is endeavouring to offer new concepts aimed at acquiring customer experience and thus contributing to the advancement of telecommunications industry in the country and the region at large. Therefore, as part of a big family of Telekom Srbija Group, MTEL provides an exclusive and unique offer to Macedonian citizens.

“At the outset of its operations in North Macedonia, MTEL offered a supreme satellite television. Devotees to a good television programme are offered the best selection of television channels and exclusive content. The offer is carefully defined and divided into three very favourable packages including more than 150 channels. We are confident that such an offer, including the best quality sports content on Arena sport channels, films and series on Superstar channels, all Macedonian national televisions, Pink channels and an excellent selection of documentaries, music and children’s channels, will become a favourite television choice of Macedonian citizens“, Marko Lopičić, executive director of MTEL, said.

MTEL has great ambitions in the North Macedonian market and also plans to offer to its customers other telecommunications services and digital services in the period to come.
Telekom Srbija is already offering a wide range of telecommunications services in the field of mobile and fixed telephony, televisions and the Internet for more than 11 million customers in three regional markets – Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.
MTEL Global, our member seated in Austria, has more than 100,000 customers and with its services, it is present across Europe, the US and Canada.