At the seat of Serbian Radio and Television, a Protocol of Cooperation has been signed between RTS and Telekom Srbija, which envisages the joint production of top-quality science programme and series. The Protocol was signed by Serbian Radio and Television Director General Dragan Bujošević and Telekom Srbija CEO Predrag Ćulibrk.

The result of the joint work will be available to the viewers on TV screens in the course of 2019, when first to be broadcast will be the Pet (Five) series, one of the six series to be screened as part of this partner venture. Other series will be aired both on Serbian Radio and Television channels and on the new premium channel Superstar included in the mts TV offer.

By tuning in to the new channel, RTS Nauka (Science), all science devotees will be able to enjoy new and high quality domestic productions of science and educational content, and the best foreign programme. RTS Nauka will introduce mts TV viewers to the world of science, research and vivid experiments, applying the experience and expertise of the best international science channels.

"For three and a half years now, I have awaited RTS and Telekom which, in my opinion, are natural allies, to reach such agreement. RTS is the leader in the production of domestic series, and now, together with Telekom, it is reinforcing its position. I hope that cooperation between Telekom and RTS will not only be reduced to the production of series and the science channel, but that it will also include a joint strategy of buying and broadcasting sports content", said RTS Director General Dragan Bujošević.

“The speedy technological development had a strong impact on television, changing the way we view programmes and devices we use to produce them. Technology is important and useful to us, but, at the end of the day, that which counts is what kind of programme we view on TV, where the best domestic series and science programme have set the highest professional standards for television authors and are a true pleasure to watch. Precisely for this reason, we believe that the content, particularly domestic premium content, is one of the more important pillars of our future strategy and speedy development in the Internet and multimedia segments. As far as sports is concerned, we have solidified our position and now we wish to play an active part in other segments as well. We are confident that RTS is a true partner and by signing this Protocol, we are laying a groundwork for our long-standing successful cooperation in the co-production of domestic series the screening of which is scheduled for next year. We plan to air them on our new channel Superstar which we are launching tomorrow and which we believe will elicit positive reactions from our users. At the same time, we are satisfied with the élan with which we are embarking on our joint work on the new science channel which I am confident will be something completely new on our market. If we manage to live up to our plan, which I am sure we will, both companies will most certainly fulfil their commercial interests through this cooperation“, said Telekom Srbija CEO Predrag Ćulibrk.

The new channel, SuperStar that, among other things, will broadcast the series produced in partnership with Serbian Radio and Television, has been available to mts TV users on channel 103 since 15 November.