Film “Oluja” (Storm) to be premiered in cinemas in autumn


On the eve of the fifth of August, one of the saddest dates for our nation when hundreds of thousands of people of Serbian Krajina were expelled from their centuries-old homes, an excerpt from the film entitled “Oluja” (Storm) has been exclusively screened in MTS Hall today. The movie is to be premiered in autumn. At issue is the first project of Serbian cinematography on the plight of the Serbs during the 1995 pogrom revisiting this heart-wrenching event from the past with a wish to save from oblivion the destinies and sacrifice of ordinary people, quiet heroes, as a veritable testimony for the generations to come.

“The operation Storm has been one of the greatest crimes committed against our nation since World War Two. The topic may no longer be popular, but precisely for this reason, it is our obligation to save it from oblivion and create a testament of the tragic fates of the people who were expelled. We came up with an idea to make a film on the operation Storm almost three years ago and we have developed it thoroughly ever since so as truthfully to portray the anguish and sentiments associated with the events that forever changed the lives of the people in these regions. We interviewed many witnesses who had personally experienced the tragic events. We toured the places through which the convoy had passed, carefully selected the cast from Serbia and Republika Srpska and launched the filming in the summer of 2021. The film is expected to be premiered in autumn”, producer Vladan Anđelković told a press conference.

The film crew said they were particularly grateful to Telekom Srbija and its CEO Vladimir Lučić for recognizing the importance of the project and backing its production. After cinemas, the Oluja feature film will be screened on Superstar Channel.

“As a major producer of films and series in this part of Europe, Telekom Srbija endeavours to cater to the taste of all viewers. That we are on the right path is also attested to by the fact that in four years’ time, our channel, Superstar, became one of the most popular channels in this country and that our series were sold and screened on five continents. It is our plan to continue to produce and internationalize the best content, thus promoting Serbian cinematography in the world”, said Telekom Srbija CEO Vladimir Lučić.

The director entrusted actor Zlatan Vidović with one of the leading roles and protagonists of this harrowing film story. The actor said that he was much honoured and pleased to have been given the opportunity to participate in one such important project for our cinematography.

“I am very proud of what we did and of my colleagues that participated in the film. It was obvious that both the topic and the parts they played deeply touched their hearts and souls, which, I believe, will also show on the big screen. It was truly an unbelievable experience. Lying ahead the film is its cinema life which makes me very excited and I can hardly wait for cinema-goers to see it. I believe we managed to tell this story in a fair, good and noble manner”, Vidović concluded.

Art, particularly film, is the best promotion of a country. Producers Vladan Anđelković and Nemanja Mićić told the media it was precisely for that reason that they wished as many people as possible to view the film in this country and abroad, particularly in the diaspora. They said they hoped the audiences would be able to learn more about the grim fate of the people from the convoy, their plight and hardships that befell them on their journey and that the film would try to help other nations understand that the Storm was nothing short of a terrible atrocity against our nation.