mts – best network in Serbia, scores from NET CHECK confirm


mts has been pronounced best mobile network in Serbia based on the scores of Germany’s renowned company NET CHECK which performed benchmark analyses of the quality of mobile networks. The testing conducted by NET CHECK in Serbian territory confirmed, for a second time in a row, the exceptional quality of mobile services in the mts network nationwide.

The recognition for the best mobile network awarded last year served as an encouragement for proving the title of the best mobile operator through the results for 2022 as well, said Telekom Srbija Chief Technical Officer Đorđe Marović. He added he was satisfied with the scores, which testified to the fact that mts is the leader in terms of quality of the services it rendered to its customers in the sphere of mobile telephony.

„We are investing huge efforts in maintaining the quality level of our telecommunications services, as expected from us as a distinguished operator. Year in year out our customers have greater expectations from us as regards the service quality, call set-up speed, Internet bitrate, and response time from websites. Thus, continued development of the network is a must in order to be able to live up to customer needs. Owing to the expertise and diligence of our employees and long-standing investments in the development and improvement of the mts mobile network, this recognition for a second consecutive year is an additional testimony that mts is offering the right response to the challenges of the demanding and dynamic market of the present day”, Đorđe Marović said.

NET CHECK is a German company whose expertise covers the testing of the quality of mobile networks across Europe, with an emphasis on the markets of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

To determine the quality of Serbian mobile networks, NET CHECK performed an extensive measurement with over 200 h in cities and connecting roads in Serbia. The measurement was conducted using the equipment of the renowned manufacturer, Rohde&Schwarz, and applying the newest NET CHECK methodology which from year to year sets standards in mobile network testing. All of the foregoing attests to the fact that mts customers have at their disposal a stable and swift mobile internet and top quality voice communication, said NET CHECK CTO Carlos Trocado.

We recall that in accordance with a survey from RATEL, the only official institution in Serbia dealing with the measurement of mobile network quality, for a third consecutive year, mts is the best mobile network.

The findings of the test conducted by NET CHECK are available at the following link