Trophy to support movers from sports field

Telekom Srbija has been awarded with a prize for its continued support for the Marina Maljković Women’s Basketball Movement. At the closing class of the free basketball school for primary school girls, on behalf of Telekom Srbija, the trophy was received by PR Department Manager Marija Bošković.

"I am very pleased to have received the trophy of the Marina Maljković Women’s Basketball Movement on behalf of Telekom Srbija. Our Company has supported the women’s basketball movement from the very beginning i.e. from day one. This is not the movement that only develops children's spirit, but also their good manners and culture. For this reason, we are particularly proud of being by their side and of lending them our support. In early June, the Telekom Srbija Company launched the drive entitled We Move the Movers and we are confident that precisely these girls are our true movers from the sports fields", Marija Bošković said on the occasion.

The coach of the Serbian Women’s Basketball Team, Marina Maljković, expressed her gratitude to Telekom Srbija as the first company to support the Movement at the very beginning and provide for the holding of free trainings for girls.

"Telekom was there for us at the hardest of times, that is, at the very beginning when, following the wining of the gold medal for Serbia the idea came into my mind to create the greatest possible base of girls who were to practice basketball. That idea was the mover and if you have somebody like Telekom, you may consider yourself a lucky person", Marina Maljković concluded.

As a socially responsible company that invests substantial funds into projects supporting young people, education and entrepreneurship, Telekom Srbija understands the importance of building team spirit and the practicing of sports by youngsters. Adhering to these principles, the Company has recognized the importance of the Women's Basketball Movement and contributed to its success.

Since 2015, the Marina Maljković Women’s Basketball Movement has grown into a serious organization whose main goal is to promote women’s basketball. In the course of the closing season, the Movement gathered more than 1,000 girls with whom the coaches worked on 20 different sites in Belgrade and Serbia at large in as many as 50 regular training sessions a week.