We support the initiators: winners of the mts startup acceleration

Get started!

All success is the result of efforts made by special people and the support they obtain on their way. What is special is exactly their commitment and work, and readiness to take risks without fearing failure. These people are open, curious and daring, and by drawing inspiration from their environment they ceaselessly inspire themselves, change things in their environment, inspire and encourage others. These people are the initiators.

If you are curious, daring, if you have a good team and an idea how to develop a technical innovation, apply for the mts startup acceleration program. Technology is an integral part of our everyday life so it can be applied in all the activities. Telekom Srbija, in cooperation with Startit, implements a support program intended for technological entrepreneurs in the early stage of development of their business idea. The aim of the program is to connect young people through the startup community, encourage innovativeness and create new business opportunities. Telekom Srbija is here to encourage startups through pecuniary and mentor support and cloud services, support them and help them to more easily obtain new knowledge because it may be crucial for their further development.

Telekom’s initiators, the winners of the first cycle of mts startup acceleration, Luka, Aleksandar, Dušan and Konstantin from the Balloonera startup speak about the experience they have obtained by creating a startup.

Wake up, get started, be an initiator!