Be an initiator!

If you are open, curious, daring, if you do not fear stepping into the unknown, exploration and failure, get started! Get yourself started, get things started, get other people started – be an initiator.

If you are a high school student and you know how to program, if you are interested in applications, have a good idea and want to compete with your peers, make a team, apply in the autumn and participate in the mts app competition. Telekom Srbija has been organizing this competition for Android and IOS platforms for all high school students of mathematical and information classes, for a seventh year in a row. Win valuable prizes - the latest mobile devices or journey to one of the world’s metropolises! Let your team’s application be IN among your peers!

Get started! Be an initiator of Telekom Srbija.

Luka Pavlović and Nikola Ilić from Bora Stanković High School from Niš and Luka Jovičić from the Mathematical High School in Belgrade, who have already become famous as Telekom’s initiators, speak about the experiences acquired at the mts app competition.