Telekom Srbija Places WIFI Tree in Manjež Park

Within the Take the Bill and Win prize contest, the Telekom Srbija company has donated a WIFI tree to citizens of the Savski Venac municipality with a free Internet zone in the Manjež Park.

The WIFI tree makes is possible to simultaneously connect up to 300 customers in the diameter of 150 meters, has ports for charging mobile phones and serves as a new park decoration.

The manager of the Wireless Access Network Department of Telekom Srbija, Đorđe Marović attended the launching into operation of the WIFI zone in the Manjež Park and said on this occasion that the device was the result of cooperation between engineers, designers and constructors:

“The WIFI tree has been designed so as to fit into both squares and parks because apart from its primary purpose to provide citizens with free Internet, it also serves as a decoration in the cities where it is erected. We are proud of the fact that this tree is a local product because it has been fully constructed by the engineers of Telekom Srbija and its partner companies“.

Apart from the Savski Venac municipality, the Telekom Srbija company has this year donated a WIFI tree to the municipalities of Blace and Vranje, as part of the Take the Bill and Win prize contest.