Telekom rewarded for its support for digitalization of culture

Telekom Srbija has received a Letter of Thanks from the Culture Ministry for its support for institutions and individuals in the digitalization process in the sphere of art and culture.

At a ceremony held at the National Museum in Belgrade, on behalf of Telekom Srbija, the Letter of Thanks was received by Milan Simić, executive director for IT support and ICT services.

On that occasion, Milan Simić said that for years, the Company had supported the digitalization process in the domain of culture in different ways. In that context, he set out the examples of partner projects such as the digitalization of the treasury of the Monastery of Chilandari, the Mihajlo Pupin Virtual Museum and the 4D multimedia art projection Tesla’s Time Machine.

“Recently, we have signed an agreement with the Ministry of Culture with the aim of raising that support to a systematic level. We are proud of this Letter of Thanks, which is a good indicator as to the path we should continue to follow”, he added.

At the same ceremony, letters of thanks were also awarded to representatives of state bodies, culture institutions, companies, educational institutions and individuals for their assistance and support in the implementation of the digitalization process. The award of the letters of thanks was preceded by the signing of the Rules of the Digitalization of Cultural Heritage.