Regional App Challenge winners visit Berlin conference

Thanks to the success that students from Niš and East Sarajevo achieved by winning the first Regional App Challenge in the creation of mobile applications, and the support of Telekom Srbija and m:tel Bosnia and Herzegovina, the students were able to visit the ID TechEx Show in Berlin.

The visit to one of the largest conferences in Europe, which through the exhibition part and the specialized courses has taken into account several spheres of application of contemporary technologies in production and communications, was an excellent opportunity for the best programmers in the region to get acquainted with the new trends, especially in the field of IoT technology.

“We are glad that we have this year won the first prize at the Regional App Challenge which made it possible for us to visit this prestigious IoT conference. Here, we have had the chance to see many revolutionary technologies which are yet to become widely used. Some of them are the sensory technologies which make use of mobile applications, which is especially interesting for our further work”, said Luka Pavlović, a student from Bora Stanković High School from Niš.

Telekom Srbija has so far organized seven competition cycles of the mts app competition for talents in the sphere of programming in Serbia. From this year, in cooperation with the companies m:tel Montenegro and m:tel Bosnia and Herzegovina, the competition has also been organized in these countries according to the same rules.

“We are very proud of the mts app competition and we are especially glad that we have managed, in cooperation with our colleagues, to make talented high school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro interested in the competition. The aim of the competition is to promote knowledge, team spirit and the entrepreneurial way of thinking, while the students’ visit and becoming acquainted with the content of the conference in a certain way completes this educational process”, said Miroslava Tešin Popović, the corporate social responsibility manager of Telekom Srbija.

The best applications from the mts app competition and the Regional App Challenge have been posted on Google Play: