Telekom Srbija invests in promising technological entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial teams “Boostowski” and “Matchday Stickers” have shown great creativity in the creation of their business ideas, innovativeness and a strategic approach to the development of products, thus winning a pecuniary incentive in the total amount of EUR 20,000, as part of the mts Startup Acceleration program. The award is granted by Telekom Srbija to the best students of the Startup Academy, which has been gathering, supporting and educating local startup entrepreneurs for over six years. The mts Startup Acceleration program has been implemented for a second year in a row, in order to support promising local entrepreneurs and encourage the creation of innovations in Serbia.

The “Boostowski” entrepreneurial team developed an application which makes it possible to increase the turnover and profitability of retail facilities by improving the sales capacities of the employees. The team representative said that they saw this award as an additional incentive and encouragement for further development of the product. The “Matchday Stickers” team created an application with fan stickers for editing photos and videos, which offers an additional value to visitors of sports events. After the award-granting ceremony, the authors of the application said that the mts award allowed them to continue the development process and place the product on the global market.

A five-member jury decided to grant the funds for further development of the business solution exactly to these two teams. Apart from the pecuniary award, the winners also received mentor support and free services necessary for the development of digital products – mts optical Internet access and a Cloud server.

“For a second year in a row we have received new, promising entrepreneurs who will see this award as an additional encouragement and a wind in their sails to bravely start building a sustainable business model, make profit and create new jobs in one of the most promising industrial branches in Serbia. Apart from this pecuniary award, we are ready to provide mentor support in the spheres of our expertise, and where they consider it necessary”, said Milan Simić, the Telekom Srbija executive officer for IT support and ICT services after the award-granting ceremony.

Telekom Srbija recognizes technological entrepreneurship as a significant developmental opportunity of Serbia, and in cooperation with other organizations and initiatives, works on creating conditions for a faster and comprehensive digital transformation of society. Since 2016, the company has been the national partner of Startit centers throughout the country, where the Startit association implements its educational programs, organizes expert conferences, meetups and other specialized events.

Apart from Telekom Srbija, Startit’s quality and dedicated work in the sphere of development of a startup ecosystem in Serbia was recently recognized by one of the leading world IT companies – Google, which chose the Startup Academy as its first partner in Europe for implementing its Launchpad platform – a program intended for early startups.